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Welcome to Sunday Morning Bakery

We are a small family-owned micro bakery in Auburn Maine that specializes in creating fresh baked goods.  Our goal is to make your day a little sweeter with our delicious treats and to feel good about what you are eating.

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Our Story

Hi! My name is Taylor Chasse and I am the founder of Sunday Morning Bakery! My love for baking began when I first started making my own bread. My mother ignited my passion for being health conscious in what foods I was eating and I grew up in a home with my mom always in the kitchen. In making my own baked goods, I know exactly what is going into my food and I hope to give you the same peace of mind. All my products use organic flour and the ingredient list is short and completely transparent. With this small business newly being established I look to provide the local community with freshly baked goodies for you and your family.

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